How Can Patients Access GI OnDEMAND?


GI OnDEMAND, gastroenterology’s virtual care and support platform, provides patients with an easy and convenient way to manage their chronic digestive health conditions through virtual office visits; access to trusted health information and an online support community. Patients have free access GI OnDEMAND’s educational and informational resources, including evidence-based health information, the online support community and the  Digestive Health Insights newsletter.

Patients can conduct virtual office visits on the GI OnDEMAND platform if their gastroenterologist, registered dietitian, clinical psychologist or other care team provider is a member of GI OnDEMAND. Ask your providers if they are members of GI OnDEMAND and how you can make your next follow-up office visit a virtual visit. Co-pays vary depending on insurance coverage and/or provider fee schedule.

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Patients can login or request a special invitation directly from the GI OnDEMAND Patient Support Community for FREE access to the community, which also contains educational and informational resources, including evidence-based health information. Registered patients will also receive the weekly Digestive Health Insights newsletter.