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On-demand digestive health education programs led by GI experts such as Registered Dietitians, GI Psychologists and Gastroenterologists.
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Explore a variety of digestive health-related courses led by GI experts including Registered Dietitians, Psychologists, Genetic Counselors and Gastroenterologists.
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Get the inside scoop on the latest news, research and resources related to digestive health delivered in an engaging, friendly, nonjudgmental and educational way that features leading GI experts, inspiring patients and positive vibes.
What You Need to Know About IBS
What You Need to Know About IBS
Gastro Girl .
What Patients Are Saying
Oliver T.
"As a patient diagnosed with a GI condition, it can feel overwhelming when trying to find resources I can trust to help me in my health journey. GI OnDEMAND gives me access to resources that I can feel confident are science based and factual. The partnership with the ACG allows me to trust the information on the site. The partnership with Gastro Girl (a valued patient advocate in GI) also gives me comfort in knowing that every resource is rooted in achieving patient wellness."
Agnes L.
"I have EoE and felt really frustrated trying to find information I can trust. GI OnDEMAND has resources I couldn't find before and I was really excited to find nutrition courses that would help me try an elimination diet. A Registered Dietitian walks you through the whole process. Now I'm actually feeling a lot more confident trying to tackle this diet. There are so many resources on this site, and I feel like it’s, all really reliable information. My morn has IBS and I found a whole bunch of information for her too, so GI OnDEMAND is helping us both."
Charly B.
"I have struggled with IBS my whole adult life. A friend of mine suggested checking out GI OnDEMAND I have been able to find Registered Dietitian near me, and have also taken her lowFODMAP Diet 3-Part Series in the education area of GI OnDEMAND. The education programs are amazing and led by leading GI Experts I was able to learn breathing techniques from a GI Psychologist that really helped reduce my stress and my abdominal pain. GI OnDEMAND is my daily go-to for support in managing my IBS. I can't imagine what would do without this site!"
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